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Angry Customers: How To Deal With Them

All of us who deal with clients on a daily basis have had the experience of facing an angry client: yelling, complaints and even bad words, sometimes with a valid reason, sometimes without it.

Dissatisfaction causes customers´ frustration & stress. And in some cases, it manifests itself in aggressive behavior towards the customer service staff.

The salesperson or the customer service manager must manage this aggressive behavior, whether it is legitimate or not, whether or not the customer is right and whether or not it is in their power to do what they are asked to do.


So here are some tips for dealing with an angry customer…


  1. Listen to them

Regardless of his/her attitude, being listened can immediately make the customer to relax. Remember that many customer complaints stem from poor service. Listen to them carefully and try to understand what the problem is.


  1. Do not take it personally

Don’t feel attacked by the customer and accept their right to be angry. In most cases, he/she has nothing personal against you, and the complaint is aimed to the company or a teammate who made a mistake.


  1. Make the problem clear

Once the customer has calmed down a bit, try to clearly establish whether they are right or wrong and if the solution to the problem is in your hands.


  1. Apologize (if applicable)

If the customer is right, accept your responsibility (or the company´s) and offer an apology if you think you guys could have done better. In most cases, the company will have something to be blamed for, even if it is not offering clear information about the product, the service rates or the delivery times.


  1. Do something for them

And now that everything is cleared up, don’t sit around doing anything. One of the worst feelings for a customer after filing a complaint is leaving empty-handed.

It will not always be possible to give them exactly what they ask for, but you can offer an alternative. Even if it’s a compensatory gesture or a promise of better service for next time.


Remember that good customer service is a key factor in a successful business, so use these tips whenever you need them.

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