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Keep them coming back: 7 marketing strategies to build customer loyalty

All businesses need to constantly attract new customers to keep growing. But sometimes we forget the importance of loyalty, that is, keeping those clients we already have.

Think about it: there are many advantages in recurring customers. Among those, it is easier to sell them your product or service again because they already know it. And also, someone who is satisfied with your brand can recommend it to friends and family. This is the best kind of advertising and it is totally free.


But building customer loyalty takes time and planning. So here are our top tips to keep them coming back.


  1. Give them the best customer service

Do not just think about the customer at the time of a purchase, but after that as well. Does your product need after-sale service or help with installation? Give them a contact channel or create video tutorials that you can share. Is the customer interested in related products or services? Include him/her in a database and send them your newsletter or information on WhatsApp. Did the customer come back? Welcome them as friends.


  1. Listen to them

Our products and services are not perfect. There is a lot that customers can say about it and listening to them can help you improve a lot and keep them happy. There are many ways to encourage feedback: online surveys, interactive websites, social media, emails. Choose one or more of these strategies that are easy for you to apply and pay attention to the answers.


  1. Let customers guide you

Related to the previous idea and taking a restaurant as an example, you may think that your star dish is pizza, but it turns out that customers like your hamburgers instead. It might be a good idea to become a burger place, but… are you paying attention to feedback and are you willing to reorganize based on it?


  1. Value your relationship with customers

In many cases, recurring clients feel that companies give new prospects a better treatment than to their customer base. Valuing the relationship involves thinking not only about attracting new customers, but also about offering information, offers and excellent service to your usual customer base.


  1. Always available

When customers need you, they should be able to find you. Invest in customer service channels that allow you to be available at the right time. Train the customer service team and teach them to interact using tools such as email, WhatsApp and chatbot in a customized way.


  1. Adapt to changes

Being prepared to change when the market demands it can make the difference between businesses that thrive and others that collapse. Think of this year’s Coronavirus crisis and how thousands of businesses have had to innovate with online attention or delivery services to deal with the situation.


  1. Offer something valuable

Show your customers that your company is not only interested in selling stuff, but that it cares about them and that it is formed by people with their same interests. Diversify your content on social media & start talking about things other than your products and services. Use live broadcast, webinars and interactive tools.


Can you think of some other strategies that you have used to maintain customers? Tell us, we would love to hear from you.

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